Tuesday, 14 December 2010


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Monday, 13 December 2010

In todays lesson...

In todays lesson we were editing our commentary pieces using final cut express. We found this quite enjoyable in comparison to editing our music video which we found quite stressful as there were very few clips of our commentary and so we just had to look at a few as opposed to sifting through an ubundance of footage to find one good shot. We got quite a bit done and completed all of the cutting and some of the video clip footage; we were very pleased that we got all of the filming done on Monday as this meant that we had the whole of this lesson to focuss just on editing which we felt we needed as we wanted to make sure that everything fitted together and flowed as well as it could have.
   Next lesson we just need to finnish our editing, we want to complete the theme of having the video throughout the speech.

Editing The Commentary

Editing the commentary was in some ways difficult and in some ways quite easy; some members of our group were able to read the piece more fluently than others which helped in the cutting of it all. The occasions that people found it more difficult to read the piece as a whole and so stopped and started a lot made it hard to edit as there had to be a lot of cutting. Fortunately, this was not too difficult after we had watched the clips through. It also helped that we had each only taken eithe rone or a couple of clips each as it meant that we did not have to search through lots of them in order to find footage that was adequate.
Instead of just inserting a clip from our video that linked in with what the person speaking was saying, we chose to have the video running in the corner the whole way through as we thought that it made the screen more interesting for the audience and also meant that they could watch the video as we were explaining it.
This was more difficult to do as we had to work out how to do this properly, Julian did the majority of this work and ended up having the video in around half of all the clips.

Friday, 10 December 2010

In todays lesson...

During todays lesson we recorded our script. We found it quite easy as we just read the pieces out. We were concerned that it did not look professional as we were reading from pieces of paper but we did debate trying to memorise the pieces but as they were very long we didn't think it was possible in a short period of time.
    We feel quite good that we have got all the footage we needed to recorded as we did not want to leave it until Monday to have to get everything done.
    On Monday we have to edit the footage and put in the clips of the video where necerssary.
   over all we are quite happy with the work accomplished in todays lesson.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Concerns about the evaluation

The concerns that we have about performing the evaluation commentaries is that it will be awkward and uninteresting. We hope to control this by including clips from the video where we can so as to break up the long stretchs of writing and make the speechs themselves interesting by being enthusiastic and animated when resiting them; we feel that this way the audience will respond in a responsive way as opposed to by being bored.

Who's Saying What?

During the script commentary we think that it is neccersary to split the scirpt evenly so as each member of our group has a part to say. However, we do not want to make this confusing or overly complicated eg by saying a paragraph each. For this reason we think that it would be the best idea if we were to each say our answer to one of the tasks. I have highlighted each of the pieces in the appropriate colour to identify which member of the group is saying which piece (pink=Abi Purple=Jazz Green=Julian and Blue=George)

During the making of this script I pieced together sections from each of our evaluations in order to both create the strongest commentary possible and also include all of our individual voices and view points.

When researching the conventions of real media products we generally focussed on videos of the same genre to our own which is R&B. Throughout our research we conducted lots of information from other top videos from beyonce and various other high profile artists such as Nicole schwerzinger and during this time it became apparent that our product both uses and develops conventions of real media products in many ways.
When researching R&B music videos we saw that the most commonly used shots were extreme close ups and medium close ups. Our product conforms with this convention as we incorporated many close up shots of Jazz in order to sell her as an artist. The close-up shots used in real media products are generally either of the artist singing or just lookking "nice", they tend to focus a great deal on the artists image and use these shots to show the audience what the artist is wearing. Our product conforms with this as we used a sequence of medium-close-up shots of Jazz simply lounging around on the bed looking "nice".
The mise-en-scene that when researching we found R&B videos usually have are either a very minimal and natural look, where the artist is wearing minimal make-up and neutral clothing, or the video would be very outgoing and generally just showing off the artist in a style that grabs the audience. For example, some R&B videos we researched focussed greatly on expensive items such as the latest phones or jewellery. For this particulars reason our music video both conformed and challenged conventions of real media products. We used a very neutral, classy setting and focussed primarily on making everything about the video appear neutral and minimal. We used minimal makeup and very neutral clothing colours to give the impression or naturalness, which we thought linked in well with the general theme of the song.
The editing styles that we chose to use in our music video generally conformed to the conventions of real R&B products. We used fades as links between shots, which is very commonly used in R&B videos as it continues the theme of softness, and subtleness.
In most of the videos that we looked at, there was a point where the artist would be “selling themselves” in ways apart from singing. For example, Beyonce would be dancing in one or most of her videos. We did not incorporate this into our video and so in this way we may be challenging the conventions of real media products. However, we did use shots of Jazz singing, which you could argue is selling her as an artist.
            Over all we do think that our music video conforms with real R&B products. Although in some ways it was challenging them, in the majority of ways it conformed very well with them as we incorporated many of the same characteristics of R&B videos into our product

2) Our main product and ancillary tasks, we feel, are a very strong combination. We made a conscious effort to project a similar feeling from all three of these products and we feel we have done this effectively.
            The majority of our music video it's self is filmed in black and white, which we chose in order to project a subtle, soft feel that we felt fitted well with the lyrics of the song. We chose to combine this element in our Magazine Advert. We used images from the actual video that we thought captured the main theme of the video as a whole and focussed the writing around them. We believed that this captured the main theme of our video as it would show to the audience that both are linked. We thought that we should use images from the video it's self as opposed to new images so as when the audience saw the advert they would make the link to the video and we saw this as a selling point. We used subtle colours in our magazine advert and kept the writing limited to all we needed. We did this in order to sell the song more instead of just showing to the audience that all we wanted was to sell the product instead of the actual music.
            Our digi pack also links in effectively with our actual video but in some ways is different from it. Again we used images from the video it's self as we thought that this was especially important here as the whole digi pack is about the video. But this time we used a different variety of pictures from the music video to entice the audience to look at it more to show that the video isn't boring and has many different elements to it. The background of our digi-pack wasn't so bright that it was vulgar but we did decide to use a different colouring from the neutral blacks and whites that we used throughout the other two pieces. we chose these to stand out to the audience and challenge our media product, from a neutral setting to a lavish setting we feel this combination sets our digipack apart from others in the R&B scene.
Overall, I believe that we managed to link all three products together well, in a way that means the audience will automatically put the pieces together but can also distinguish between them as different pieces of work

3) Our group has learned a great deal from the feedback given to us from many different places; we chose to show our product to as many different people as we could in which meant we were able to gather a lot of positives and constructive criticism that we felt would be beneficial to the making of our video.
An example of some of the positive feedback we received from different sources is related to the colouring that we used which was black and white. The general feedback toward this element was that it reflective of the lyrics in the song. Much of the feedback gathered stated that the lyrics mixed in well with the visuals, as a result of this, we carried on this theme and it seemed to be successful in our final product.
When showing our video to the teachers and to the audience in general the main information that we gained was how long a shot can be before it becomes boring. Before editing many of our shots were pans that were quite lengthy, however until we watched these back with our teachers we did not notice how lengthy they really were and so learned very quickly that there cannot be any one shot on the screen for too long amount of time.
When we collected feedback from our peers about our pitch we learned that they did not feel like the storyline of the video had to be too "thought-out". Primarily when we planned our video we had the idea of having a whole story through out the piece, which we quickly cut down to a simple storyline that faded out slowly through the video.

4) Throughout the construction of our media products we used many different technologies for both researching for the pieces and creating them.
            During the research for our products we used the internet to find sources of inspiration; we most commonly used Youtube as this meant that we could view many different videos and see which characteristics we liked about each and what themes we wanted to incorporate into our own film. Using Youtube also helped us to see what we did not like about real media products and so this helped us to see what we did not want in our own.
We used blogger throughout the course of our project which generally helped us to track our progress; blogger meant that we had the ability to log our ideas for our film and also explain what we did and did not like about our product. This helped us to concentrate on what we felt would make our video as good as it could be.
We used the HD camera to record all of our footage. We enjoyed using this as it gave a clear, crisp image and it obviously helped a great deal as it recorded the whole film. Without the use of this camera our film may not have looked so professional and there fore this gave us the ability to make our video look as similar to a real media product as possible.
We used photoshop hugely in the production process of our video and of course our accilliary tasks. This helped us ginormously as we used a lot of effects to subtly make our video more interesting; we used slow motion and black and white effects to make our video seem more sophisticated and interesting. Similarly, when making our accilliary tasks we used photoshop the whole way through in order to construct the pieces. We enjoyed using photoshop during this period as it was fun to use different effects on the images to see which we thought looked the most eye catching and interesting.
Over all the use of technology was crucial in the research and construction of both our video and our accilliary tasks and we enjoyed having the privilage and gaining the experience to use them.

Monday, 6 December 2010

deciding where to insert video clips in our evaluation commentary

Generally speaking, it was relatively simple to decide where to insert clips from our video in our commentary script; in the places that mentioned particular or significant parts about the video I thought it neccersary to include a clip in order to demonstrate our reasoning. However, in other ways it was more difficult to decide where to include video clips as on the one hand the clips break up the long drone of writing and so is necersary in order to keep the audience interested. But on the other hand, this piece is primarily about our thoughts on the pieces and so it would be unjustified to continually include clips of the video.
Over all, I think that a healthy balance managed to be found within these problems.
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